Saturday, January 19, 2013

Necklace Extravaganza!!

I have been extremely busy recently with many school-related issues, but I managed to squeeze in some time to make a few new necklaces. I tried (and failed with a few) to only use beads I already own, and here are the results!

1. Black and White Long Necklace - a pattern of black beads and clear quartz that can be worn long or folded in two. I really do like the contrast between the quartz and the beads.

2. Ocean Pearl Necklace - three strands of painted glass pearls make an elegant choker. I bought all these beads in one go because I thought they just looked so gorgeous together and I could not resist!

3. Chunky Many Strands Necklace - I absolutely LOVE this one. There are no words. I made the links and everything myself with silver wire and connectors. I also love the silver chain - bought it at an art convention in Vancouver a few years ago and haven't found a perfect home for it until now!

4. Silver and Amethyst Elegance Necklace - everything in this necklace (other than the gems and the large silver circles) is completely handmade from silver wire. This took me awhile, but I adore how it turned out. This was my first attempt making any sort of "chain" myself as well.

5. Springtime Shimmer Necklace -  sparkly and classic with shimmery glass beads and crystal linked together with silver wire. Definitely will be making more like this in other colours!

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