Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Art of Displaying Jewelery

A recent post on Apartment Therapy recently caught my eye; Pretty Organized: Stylish Necklace Displays. All examples showcased a recent trend of hanging your jewelery on the wall as if it is art. While I do like the first picture from Lucky Magazine, I don't quite see the beauty of hanging all your jewelery on ordinary hooks or pushpins.

Sparkly and stylish vanity with hanging necklace display from Lucky Magazine

 I would prefer something decorative to display my jewelery to begin with, similar to this blogger's diy spray paint solution to jewelery display.

Spray painted hooks to jewelery display from Adventures in Dressmaking

Or how about something more hipster, like this Jewelry Board by saricaalice:

DIY Jewelry Board from saricaalice

Both of these are awesome examples of some DIY jewelery display/storage solutions. Sadly, I have not had time to customize my jewelery storage plans but I do have all my larger necklaces on display. My current storage and display program is under construction, but this was my original look, and I loved it!

The flower hooks are by Umbra (no longer on their website), and I love them because you can also display your earrings at the same time! My plan for my bedroom, however, is to move away from the shiny silver look so I am in the market for a new display system! I am thinking of using Umbra's Icelet Wall Hook, but alas, I cannot drill into the walls of my rental so that will have to wait until I find a more permanent abode. In the meantime, a DIY project similar to the two showcased above could work wonderfully, or even just a system of hooks scattered across the wall similar to a gallery wall for paintings. We shall see :)

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