The Girl

Me, on a ferry ride to Victoria.
Prettiest ocean ever!
Struggling grad student. Friends claim I am a rocket scientist, but do not believe them. I study dark matter, which (hopefully) is in space, but that doesn't mean I know how rocket ships work.

A recovering book addict, I carry a lot of baggage over the fiasco that was the Wheel of Time series. My book obsession has recently been replaced by a TV series obsession so I also have a personal rule not to start any more TV shows. I'm the sort of person who just HAS to know how a story ends - RIGHT AWAY. You can see how TV series do not mix well with writing a thesis.

I play piano, which has lead to my unhealthy love affair with Chopin and Debussy, and I live in constant shame of my apparent inability to practice everyday. Food is the love of my life, and like a good Italian daughter, I never eat store-bought tomato sauce or boxed dinners.  

I also love to make things. Therefore ... this blog.

The Blog

Where I post pretty pictures and instructions for the things that I make.

If you like what you see, I am selling some of my pieces on Etsy!

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